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When all judging has been completed and the Best in Specialty Show has been awarded, it has become tradition that we hold a celebratory banquet.  We celebrate all Cavaliers that participated in our National Specialty, all Cavalier that have come before and all Cavaliers that will come in the future.  It is only fitting that this banquet has become known as the Charitable Trust banquet because that is what the Charitable Trust is all about; the health of all of our Cavaliers, past, present and future.  We sit down with new friends and old to relax, have a great meal and to raise money for the Charitable Trust.

We do this by having our Charitable Trust Auction.  At this event approximately 100 items will be up for auction.  Throughout the evening two different Silent Auctions are held; though the main event is our Live Auction with our guest auctioneer, David Frei.  David will try to part you from your money however he can and let us just say he has no conscious when it comes to getting more money for the Charitable Trust.

Silent Auctions

There are numerous items set out for two different Silent Auctions.  Here the bidding can start at as little as $5 - $10 per item, but don’t think that you will win for the opening bid.  The highest bid recorded for a winning Silent Auction item was in 2014 when a pair of “Wellies” (rain boots) covered in pictures of Cavaliers went for $800!  Most items do not reach that high with many going for an average of $25 - $50.  You will find anything from framed artwork to handmade quilts and everything in between. 

Live Auction

Here approximately 20 items have been chosen to go up for auction.  These typically are very special pieces; the cherished enameled pillbox from a private collection, limited edition signed and numbered framed artwork, original artwork that was done specifically for this auction. David doesn’t quit until the last item is auctioned.  The last item up for auction for the night is the National Artwork. 


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