Welcome to the ACKCS Charitable Trust

Founded in 2002 by Cavalier lovers with the sole purpose of investing in the well-being of the breed, the Charitable Trust has funded projects such as MVD (heart) and SM (spine) research, veterinary scholarships, Cavalier health testing, educational seminars and much more.

Warm-blooded animals have much in common. While the Charitable Trust funds grants that target health in Cavaliers, there is not a single health condition unique to Cavaliers. The research we assist benefits other breeds, other animals, and even humans.

Rejuvenate Bio, for example, is a medical researcher working on gene therapies to treat chronic age-related diseases affecting 6 in 10 Americans. We partnered with Rejuvenate Bio in the successful trial of a novel gene therapy to stop progression of heart failure in dogs. (It was even profiled in a “Sixty Minutes” episode.) This trial is an important step in bringing these gene therapies to canine and human communities.

We are a volunteer organization. Our funding comes from generous donations of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel community.

Healthier Cavaliers. Healthier People. Worthy Causes.

Canine Health Areas

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are generally healthy, sturdy small dogs. Most well-bred Cavaliers never require medical treatment for hereditary conditions. As with all living creatures, individual dogs may experience health ailments. Provided here is information on common canine health issues for use by pet owners and the veterinarian community.






More Health Areas

Cavalier Research & Education

The Charitable Trust has provided financial and other support to dozens of charitable initiatives for research and education to benefit Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Areas of support have included MVD (heart) and SM (spine) research, veterinary scholarships, health testing, educational seminars and much more.