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“The Year of the Puppy” Artist: Chris Quinn

The theme for the 2005 show is “The year of the Puppy”.  Chris has been working on a series of puppy portraits for the CKCSC of Puget Sound.  Each year she depicts a Cavalier puppy of one of the four colors in a different season.  This year will be the final in that series with a Tri-color puppy in a winter setting; which makes the National Artwork for this year a perfect segway for her talents.

Chis has painted dog portraits for over 20 years.  She studied at the New Renaissance Academy of Fine Art and has learned the technique of old masters to create life and dimension on her paintings.  Chris found the Cavalier breed in a Kodak advertisement for Christmas.  The eyes have always been one of the things that stand out in her paintings so the puppies won her heart.  She has had Cavaliers for 18 years and has been active in the breed.  Chris is a Charter member of the ACKCSC and is the President and Charter member of the CKCSC of Puget Sound.

This is Chris’s second time as National Artist.