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“The Three Color Litter” Artist: Joanne Opel

After drawing and painting all my life, I finally got the opportunity to paint full-time (more or less) when I retired 4 years ago.  I began developing a style of painting my own Cavaliers: I’ve been breeding and showing on a very limited scale for twenty years under my Kilbrook affix.

My style has always been fairly free and loose, and this breed is fairly free and loose as well, at least to me.  I’ve been challenged to get the true Cavalier expression, whether groomed to perfection, chasing up a hill of soaking wet in a pond.  My work has mostly been in oils, but I’ve been experimenting with pencils, pen, and watercolor; recently I was given a set of pastels.  There’s always something new to try.  Since all of my dogs are currently Blenheim’s, I had to borrow friends’ dogs and colorize my dogs to get all the four colors correct in the painting.