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“Wisconsin Farm Country” Artist: Barbara Bond

I have always been a sketcher and doodler.  I did take a few art classes as part of my degree but never really worked on my art until my children were raised and gone from home.  I have had the opportunity to take classes with some excellent watercolor artists.  The ’Cavalier art’ was an offshoot of a Specialty we had here in Canada in 2005.  As part of the committee, the suggestion came up that it would be nice to have some artwork to auction off.  I offered to try to do some.  The rest is history.

I get my most enjoyment from incorporating the Cavaliers in a natural setting.  This usually involves me merging the dogs into a landscape.  When I am doing a painting for a specialty fundraiser I try to give the painting a local flavor.  I research through images until I find something that hits my fancy and defines the location.  So Cavaliers in Wisconsin Farm Country became the theme for this painting.