Ken & Laura Ottinger

On April 11, 2013, the sixth “Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service” was presented to Ken and Laura Ottinger longtime supporters of the ACKCSC and supporters of the Charitable Trust.

These two individuals using their artistic talents designed and created our Charitable Trust icon, “Gabriel” which has made a profound impact on the Charitable Trust.  “Gabriel” a Cavalier with wings like an angel is not only our logo, but the foundation design of our Charitable Trust jewelry line.  The first jewelry pieces from this line went to members of our Founding Partners Program.  Founding Partners were given Gabriel pins to represent our appreciation for their participation in the program.

Each year an artist is asked to donate an item that depicts their portrayal of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  The medium of the piece is the artist’s choice.  This piece becomes known as ‘The National Artwork’ for the given year.  This piece is on display throughout the National Specialty and ultimately auctioned at the Charitable Trust live auction.  Additionally, this artwork appears on the show catalog cover and is the cover for the Spring Edition of the Royal Dispatch.

Ken has the distinction of being selected as the artist for the National Artwork three times over the twenty year history of the club. His painting of “Belle” a Blenheim Cavalier sitting in the shade of a magnolia tree in 2006 holds the record for most expensive painting ever auctioned at Charitable Trust live auction. Additionally, Ken was the artist for our National Artwork for 2008.  He has volunteered to be the artist for the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the ACKCSC, Inc. in 2014

Gabriel jewelry is displayed on our website and sold at our National Specialty show.