Bettina (Tina) Sterling

On April 24, 2014, the seventh “Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service” was presented to Tina Sterling and Carol Williams longtime supporters of the ACKCSC, as well as Trustees of the Charitable Trust since it’s begining.

Tina Sterling has been in the world of Cavaliers for 30 years.  Her professional career was in medicine and medical management as a Medical Administrator, Office/Clinic Manager and eventually an OB-Gyn Nurse. From the beginning her interest has always been in the area of CKCS health.  Tina has displayed an admirable ability to interact with the Canine Health Foundation and to also translate and interpret the details and nuances of the studies and grants being considered by the ACKCSC Charitable Trust.

These two talented and dedicated ladies work as a team.  As Patty K. likes to describe them, “a well oiled machine”.  Together they are formidable representatives of our breed.  They have both showed an uncanny ability to maneuver through the politics and detail needed to work effectively with the AKC’s Canine Health Foundation.