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 “Sitting Pretty” Artist: Cindy Higgins

Original Oil 16 X 20

Art was always my favorite subject in school and the one I excelled in. I started college as an art major but switched to business after two years and worked inthe corporate world the majority of my working career. Shortly after 9/11 and a corporate buyout I was laid off. I had time to think about what I really wanted to do and picked up my art again part time while working at my husband’s animal hospital. At this time I was painting mostly floral images in watercolor.

One of our clients at the animal hospital was a cavalier breeder and I fell in love with the breed and in particular, Gracie, who joined our family at the age of seven months. Since one is never enough, we bred Grace and kept Catherine. My new subjects became our dogs with Catherine producing my favorite subjects Jojo, Jack, Willis and Stevie. I have a hard time parting with my puppies and my artwork. I did some commissioned animal pieces but stopped because it seemed like another job to me and I wanted my art to be free and personal.

I like switching things up and work in pastels and oil with oil becoming my current medium of choice. I also paint city scenes, landscapes, people and of course my beloved dogs. Thank you for the opportunity to be the ACKCSC National Artist for 2016, I hope you enjoy my piece ‘Sitting Pretty’.