Dee Wallis

On May 5th 2016 the ninth “Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service” was presented to  Dee Wallis longtime supporter of the ACKCSC and Charitable Trust.

Small but mighty, always with a smile on her face. You can count on finding Dee in in one of three places during the week long National Specialty; working behind the Club Table paying special attention to the first timers, in or around the Obedience or Rally ring, and lastly at the Charitable Trust Table.  While all of that helps a multitude of individuals, her most valuable presence is felt at the Charitable Trust Auction Checkout Tables during and at the end of the Live Auction at the Charitable Trust Banquet.

Most folks have no idea of the paperwork that needs to be maintained on every auction item from the time it is turned over to the Charitable Trust as a donation to when it leaves and goes home with the winning bidder.  Dee has worked the checkout table for 10+ years; she only missed the National Specialty in 2011 when the week of the show coincided with “Income Tax Day”.  That means that she has worked the table sometimes late into the night (the year that it took 3 hours to get through checkout).  With her assistance we have been able to develop a repeatable process so that what we do currently that only takes about an hour and we’re hoping to get it under an hour.  We recognize Dee for her outstanding efforts in support of the Charitable Trust.