Carol Rose

On April 18, 2024, the “Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service” was awarded posthumously to Carol Rose, longtime supporter of the ACKCS Charitable Trust, and accepted by her daughter, Katie Rose Szczesny.

Our beloved friend Carol Rose lived her life in New York’s beautiful Mohawk Valley.  She married Wes Rose in 1973 and shortly thereafter they began their life in dogs.  They started in Lhasa Apso, quickly raising and breeding champions under the Kar-Lee prefix and ultimately breeding Best in Show, Ch Kar-Lee’s Golden Bandit.  Carol and Wes were very active in our local dog clubs and were instrumental in creating and maintaining what is now the Adirondack Circuit.  Their wonderful children were raised at dog shows and especially The Circuit. Katie Rose Szczesny has taken up much of her Mom’s work to keep our Circuit alive.

Carol was attracted to Cavaliers in the early ‘90s and shifted her focus to them.  Carol developed a strong bond to the person who would become her best friend and mentor Darlene Petralia.  Carol was brilliant in researching pedigrees, observing dogs both in and out of the ring and speaking with fellow breeders.  Wes was so proud of Carol and her capabilities, predicting her great future in Cavaliers and that she would breed Best in Show dogs as she did in Lhasa Apso.  She did more than that, establishing a network of friends and breeders, many of whom are here celebrating her life.  There was a subtle change in their prefix to Karlee.  Carol lost Wes to his fight with cancer in February 2009 but continued with her professional work and her life in Cavaliers.

Seeing a need for a Cavalier club, she along with Darlene established the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Northeastern New York, bringing together Cavalier people for education, breeding, competition, fun and of course, wine.  Her home was always open to our club or any person seeking knowledge of our breed.  CKCSCNENY is now into our 12th year of very successful specialties.

We should remember Carol’s efforts for our ACKCS Charitable Trust and Health Committee.  She was a true advocate of breeding healthy Cavaliers.  Carol always used traditional tests and when COM/SM emerged, she was one of the first breeders to advocate and test for this syndrome.  When the Trust launched an SM study with NC State, she provided her MRI records and participated in the study, encouraging others to do the same.  She did the same with DM.  She was instrumental in organizing Cardiac Clinics, SM Programs and lectures for the New York regional club, and of course these were open to all.  When the Trust did DNA database blood draws for OFA, she ran several at the regional level and she donated the syringes, ETA blood tubes, sharps containers and helped send the bag around to the different regional clubs.

Carol left us too soon and while her physical presence will be missed, her memory will be with us forever.