Our Founding Partners

We wish to celebrate our Founding Partners who established the financial foundation for the ACKCS Charitable Trust. Their dedication and commitment to the well-being of Cavaliers will not be forgotten.

The CKCSC of Greater Atlanta (In Memory of our Past Cavaliers, In Honor of our Present Cavaliers and for the Health of our Future Cavaliers)
Jann Grant
Gilbert S. Kahn
The Olander Family (In honor of Duncan & Reese & Cavaliers Everywhere)
BENEFACTOR $5,000 to $9,999
Patricia Church (In Honor of our Exquisite Breed - the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
GRAND PATRON $1000 to $4999
American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc. (Matching Donation to Janet York & Central Carolina CKCSC)
The Bay Area Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc.
Elin Becker (In Honor of "Nigel" Am/Can Ch. U-CD Stillmeadow Dream To Behold, CD, NA, NAJ, FDCH, S-CD, ASCA-CD, CGC)
Renee Mathis Bruns & Dale Bruns (In Loving Memory of Bernice Mathis)
Cindy Huggins
Molly and Brian Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. John Ioia
Kent and Audrey Johnson (In Honor of our Cavalier Mentors)
Patricia Kanan
O'Skot Cavaliers - Helen Jesse & Lu Dunham
The Meadowlands CKCSC
Joanne and James Nash
Darlene and Nick Petralia (In Honor of Janet (Bates) Beck and Jane & Anne Thaeder)
Christine Quinn
Mike and Sharon Reynolds
Wesley and Carol Rose and Karlee Cavaliers
Susan Schlenger (In Honor of "Blythe")
Betina and Stephanie Sterling, Holyoke Cavaliers
Nancy Rice Waggoner
Mary M. Walker
Patricia and William Whittemore
Lamont and Charlene Yoder
Janet York
PATRON $500 to $999
Robert D. Baron & Janice M. Dansby
Cynthia Brogan-Thornberry
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada (In honor of the Health and Welfare of all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
Central Carolina CKCSC (In memory of Joyce M. Board, our long-time Secretary, Treasurer and Friend)
Philip and Marcia Cohen
Jennifer V. Cheng and Bauernhof Cavaliers (In Honor of Chukker - Ch. Redthea Augushisat Bauernhof)
Michelle H. Dusel
Ted Eubank
Patty Fensterwald (In Honor of MacNichol's Pride Cavaliers)
Friends of Bernice Mathis (In her memory and for her love for this breed…at her request, made by friends and family including The Oklahoma City Kennel Club and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Oklahoma)
Friends of Joanne Nash (In Honor of Joanne Nash, her dogs, her ethics and in our friendship)
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Shirley Henry
David J. Kirkland and Stephen Roman, Rokirk Cavaliers and Chins
Douglas and Sondra Liston and Wood Haven Cavaliers
Marilyn Mayfield (In Honor of Cavaliers Everywhere)
William L. Nelson
Randall and Linda Nord (Friends of Kimark Cavaliers)
Alexandra Rukeyser (In Memory of our Beloved Cavaliers)
Mary Seal
Cindy and Barry Solomon (In Memory of Buns Solomon)
Tammie Sommerson-Wilcox
Joan and Carl Tennille
Darlene Tsubota
Betty Turner
Dr. Leon and Erica Venier
Lee Wear (In Honor of Shadowlawn Summer Sunshine)
Hank and Carol Williams
Barbara E. Young
GRAND DONOR $250 to $499
David and Stephanie Abraham (In Memory of Oliver "Bembridge Resemble")
Vickie J. Bailey
Cheryl Barnes
Karen Barto
Diane and Charles Beauchamp
Toni and Gary Beebower and Nottinghill Cavaliers
Bonnie E. Boatman (In Honor of Anastasia Sophia Zabinskya)
Carol B. Bond
Karen Cantner (In Honor of Mrs. Gill Tomlinson)
Gerri Prior Carter
CKCSC of Southern New England, Inc.
CKCSC of Northeastern New York, Inc.
Lydia Clement
Patricia Conroy (In Honor of my dear friend and mentor, Darlene Petralia)
Ted and Gwenn Crawford and Cottfordcourt Cavaliers
Marlene Crosby and David Blumenthal
Suzette Crozier
Cyndee and Frank Dvorak (In Honor of Patty Kanan and these wonderful dogs)
David J. Fischer
Peggy and Richard Grapp
Melody and Genessa Groos and Covenant Cavaliers (In Honor of our dear friend, breeder and mentor, Patty Kanan, and in our beloved cavaliers)
The John Haines Family (In Honor of Kimark Cavaliers)
Dorothy A. Heffner (In honor of My Cavaliers)
Sally and Larry Jenkins
Julia Johns (In honor of Ch. Three Penyopera)
Betty Johnson (In Honor of Ch. Ricksbury Mimosa at Ashby Royal)
Meredith Johnson-Snyder
Anne Karaleka
Glenn and Carol Karcher (In Memory of "Mardi")
Linda Kucerna
Mary McCready (In Memory of "Mardi")
Mary McHenry & Del Sol Cavaliers (In Honor of Joanne Nash, Rambler Cavaliers and Kim Johnson, Allegria Cavaliers)
Dr. Robin McLeod
Kristin Montalvo, TeaCup Cavaliers
Alex Moore
Darcanne Nixon
Robin Olsen
Karin and Walter Ostmann and Sheeba Cavaliers
Rock Cliff Farm Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Dr. Reinhard A. Rosson and LuAnn L. Sheldon (In honor of Bombur and Cocoa and in memory of Etoile Droll Fellow Dickens)
Janet Schmidt and Domenick Aldellizzi
Dawn Stevens-Lindemaier
Dr. Gene Stine
Dr. Martin F. Sturman, Julie Sturman and Julie Brown's Directories (In honor of the ACKCSC and all it’s done for Cavaliers, and in memory of Champion Grantilley Secret Love, our "once in a lifetime" dog)
Mel and Hillary Sykes
Sherri, Brett and Chase Vance and Cavalier Carillon
Darlene Wahlstrom and Darlington Cavaliers
Steve and Dee Wallis
Gifford Weary, Ph.D
Jo Ann Weise (In Honor of Ch. Rambler Emma Lyn, CGC)
Karen West
Kathryn Yonkers, Stuarthome CKCS