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Charitable Trust Store

As away to reach people who are not able to get to our National Specialty we have opened the ACKCSC - CT store. We hope that when you are looking for that special something for yourself or as a gift that you remember us and shop in our store.

Because the Charitable Trust non-profit organization we are able to use the services of eBay Giving Works which operates as an online exchange to help nonprofits raise funds for their organization.  To insure protection of your personal information PayPal Giving Fund is used for payment of items.  The items that appear below are what is currently available in our store.  Please check back periodically to see what new items may have been added.  We will be posting new items listed on our Facebook page as we list them.  Happy Shopping!

Click on our logo or any of the pictures to take you to our eBay listings.  You will be directed to a new window.

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2014 Artwork Limited Edition                                      20th Anniversary Limited Edition Mug                               2013 Artwork Limited Edition





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