Grant Progress Report

The duration of the study determines how many of these interim reports will need to be completed and submitted.  Typically we ask researchers to provide the Trustees with an update once every 6 months.   To meet the requirements for this phase you will need to complete and submit the “Grant Progress Report” form.  To assist you with this a Grant Progress Report Instructions file is provided so for your review and edification. It would be prudent for you to carefully read the “Grant Information” tab; it provides naming conventions for file submission and ‘subject’ identification for electronic submission. If you have any questions related to the progress report process please contact Bettina Sterling, Grant Coordinator of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Charitable Trust via email at:

Study Objectives Requirements

  • Restate each study objective.
  • If any of the objectives have changed since the submitted application, please explain the study modification requests.
  • For each objective, please estimate a percent completion on the progress.
  • If there are differences compared to the original timeline, please explain and describe how the project plan is adjusted to compensate for the differences.

Progress Summary

  • This summary will be distributed to ACKCS Charitable Trust’s Trustees. The more information that is provided in this summary, the more involved the club members sponsors will be in participating in the study as well as raising funds for future research.

Publication Requirements

  • List all publication citations that are a result of the study.
  • Include papers in preparation, submitted, under review, or pre-print.
  • Please upload copies of the articles to this report.

Extension Request Requirements

  • If you need to request a NCE, please explain below.
  • The request will be reviewed and, if approved, a letter will be sent extending the project end date by six months.