Health Registry


BTtrimmedThere are a number of Health Registries which store health information of individual dogs submitted by owners and/or breeders. Participation in providing information to these registries is purely voluntary. It can be confusing to an individual as to which information is stored in which registry. There is a movement to consolidate health information into a single health registry. Typically, information regarding a specific dog that has been submitted is "Confidential" and not available to people other than the individual that originally submitted the data. Lastly, just because health information has not been submitted to these registries does not mean that the owner and/or breeder does not do the recommended health testing of their dogs. Submission of health testing data to these registries is purely voluntary. Lack of submission of data to these registries by an owner and/or breeder should not necessarily be viewed negatively; there are many factors to be considered including the financial cost of participation.