The American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club’s Charitable Health Trust was established to provide financial and other support for research efforts for dogs and, in particular, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Since its inception in 2002 it is the generosity and support of our members, Cavalier exhibitors and friends, which has enabled the Charitable Trust to provide funding for a wide variety of research studies.

The first research study the Charitable Trust funded was the "First ACKCSC Breed Survey".  The results found in this study provided the basis for the direction that the Charitable Trust would take when it came to funding research studies. Now, ten years later, the Charitable Trust is conducting the “Second ACKCSC Breed Survey”. The findings from this survey will provide the Board of Trustees the foundation from which to make adjustments in direction related to funding future surveys.

Our recently funded study with Rejuvenate Bio on the development of a novel cardio-protective gene therapy to stop the progression of heart failure in dogs is beginning to yield some promising results.