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This is an original piece of artwork that is commissioned specifically for that year’s National Specialty.  Each year an artist is contacted or volunteers to do a special piece specifically for this event.  Most often this artwork has been a custom framed painting.  The artwork is featured on the cover of our show catalog and is also the cover of the spring edition of the “Royal Dispatch” (the ACKCSC quarterly publication).  No one knows what this piece looks like until they pick up their show catalog at the start of the National Specialty.  They can always stop by the Charitable Trust space in the ringside area where it is displayed throughout the week.  The anticipation throughout the evening during the Live Auction builds to the auctioning of this special piece.  How much will this piece bring? That’s the question in everyone’s mind.  It is not unusual for this single item to raise several thousand dollars for the Charitable Trust.






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