Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service

In 2008 the Charitable Trust Board of Trustees established the “Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service”.  This award named for our most generous and dedicated benefactor to date is presented as a way to acknowledge individuals who have provided outstanding service and/or contribution to our cause.  At the Trustees discretion this award may be presented to one or more individuals at the Charitable Trust Banquet held at the conclusion of our National Specialty.

 Carol Williams


On April 24, 2014, the seventh “Patricia L. Kanan Award for Outstanding Service” was presented to Carol Williams and Tina Sterling longtime supporters of the ACKCSC, as well as Trustees of the Charitable Trust since it's begining.

Carol Williams has been active in the sport of dogs for nearly 50 years.  Her experience with Bulldogs has given her tremendous insight into  health issues as they affect both the Bulldog and CKCS.  Her career included teaching, real estate and club/cluster management.  As a former President of the ACKCSC, her gift to the us is her ability to interpret and translate grant documents this coupled with her dedication the the CKCS has been invaluable.

These two talented and dedicated ladies work as a team.  As Patty K. likes to describe them, "a well oiled machine".  Together they are formidable representatives of our breed.  They have both shown an uncanny ability to maneuver through the politics and detail needed to work effectively with the AKC's Canine Health Foundation.