Charitable Trust Board of Trustees

Our Trustees bring a passion for the breed and considerable knowledge and experience to the ACKCSC Charitable Trust. Grant applications are reviewed by the Trustees on a regular basis. Through the generous support of our club’s members and friends of the breed worldwide, a significant number of Veterinary Research Projects have been funded. These studies have been instrumental in improving the health of our dogs, and provide a foundation for future research.

Please consider making a donation today; the dog you help may very well be the one sitting on your lap.

Mark Baillie

  • Mark got his first cavalier in 1988 and frankly admits he didn’t know they came in Black and Tan when he first met her, his attraction to whole colors after that was history.
  • Has actively supported the ACKCSC and Charitable Trust for 10 years by providing audio, video and technical support to make our events self-reliant.
  • Has professional back ground is in sales of testing/manufacturing equipment to the Medical Industry. Has worked with companies such as 3M, Medtronic, Boston Scientific.
  • A Past President of the Twin Cities Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club serving for 8 years in several positions.
  • Actively pursues answers to medical issues in Cavaliers. While he is not a clinician, he has a passion to puruse solutions to extend the quality and length of life in Cavaliers.
  • Interest in dogs extends to performance sports such as Agility and FastCat.