Each year, generous artists agree to donate a special work of original art - usually a custom framed painting - commissioned specifically for that year's National Specialty and featuring a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The artwork is used for the cover of our show catalog and often on an Annual for the Club. The actual artwork is not revealed until it is displayed during the National Specialty at the Charitable Trust space in the ringside area. At the conclusion of the National Specialty, the Charitable Trust holds a very special event - a Banquet and Silent Auction. The National Artwork is auctioned off during this event and is one of the highlights of the evening. The money raised from the auctioning of the National Artwork has raised thousands of dollars over the years to help fund research that improves the quality of the lives of our Cavaliers. If you've never attended, please consider yourself invited to our Charitable Trust Auction & Banquet.  Can't attend but would like to help? See our "How to Help" tab on this site.

“Cavaliers ala Beatrix” Artist: Darlene Petralia

Darlene is a charter member of the ACKCSC and has served on the Board of Directors.  She is also a founding member and past vice president of the Central Carolina CKCSC.  She has bred and exhibited Cavaliers since 1988.

Though Darlene has been drawing all her life, she only began painting in 2000, when she started studying with a local watercolor artist.  She has created numerous logos, designs, etc. for friend, dog clubs, and non-profit organizations.  Her drawings and illustrations have appeared in the ACKCSC Newsletter, and her paintings have done very well and the ACKCSC auction.  Much of her work has been exhibited locally and she is currently working on a series of paintings from old black and white photographs for a special exhibition.

Influenced by such favorite illustrators as Beatrix Potter, Norman Rockwell and Disney animation, her work has a fanciful air.  Constantly inspired by her beloved Cavaliers, her paintings of them take on a carefree attitude, perfectly suited to the breed’s temperament.  The 2003 National Artwork, watercolor and pen & ink, is a lighthearted look at four Cavaliers (one of each color) entitled: “Cavalier ala Beatrix.”