Why We Give

Let’s face it. In today’s world, there are many organizations you can choose to support. Here are the reasons some of our friends have chosen to support the ACKCSC Charitable Health Trust.

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“By giving to the Charitable Health Trust, you are assisting in the funding of research that could not be done in any other way. This is how we move Cavalier health solutions forward. This is how we give breeders the tools they need to help improve and eventually eradicate the health issues that plague our breed.”

Patricia Kanan
Chair of the ACKCS Charitable Health Trust

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“Science and Research has always been my passion. I’ve made it my mission, along with the Health Committee, to find new and innovated research for the consideration of the trust. You donations will help support our ACKCS Charitable Health Trust in their efforts to fund new research, educate our breeders & owners and promote health testing. Please consider donating for the future health of our unique and wonderful breed.”

Bettina M. Sterling
President of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Trustee & Health Chair of the ACKCS Charitable Health Trust

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“Cavalier health research is not a club issue. It’s not a pet or breeder issue. It’s a Cavalier issue. It’s something that we can all rally behind.”

Mark Baillie
Trustee of the ACKCS Charitable Health Trust

“Funding health research is so important because it:

Give hope for healthier, long lived cavaliers;

Provides education for breeders and pet owners to better understand the health issues;

Helps us as breeder to make good breeding decisions;

Develops new testing we can use to better the breed.”

Rita Rudkin
Member, ACKCSC Health Committee

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“Your donations to the Charitable Health Trust help fund the research that addresses health issues in Cavaliers. Breakthroughs in health testing and treatment of disease depend on the results of controlled scientific studies.

The gifts that you make today to support this research will help to improve the lives of Cavaliers in the future.”

Leslie Slusher
Member, ACKCSC Health Committee

“The purpose is to empower breeders to approach decisions and choices pertaining to breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the standpoint of knowledge by using rigorous evidence-based decision making.

Targeted research initiatives are imperative to preserving our beloved breed for the future. We must dedicate ourselves to philanthropy efforts for the betterment of the breed.”

Kathy Yonkers
Member, ACKCSC Health Committee